Everyone and everything is connected to the cycles of nature …

In the coming week we have a new moon and all energies are on new beginnings, new beginnings and changes. You already felt inside that these rhythms influence you too …

Connect the coming week very consciously with the energies of nature and the moon. Then your decisions and actions will seem much more powerful than if you did it alone.

Retreat to silence a little, especially on Monday and Tuesday, and make plans for your future.

Everything is still changing too quickly for your well-being and yet there is an immense power of renewal in everything right now!

Use the coming week to start something new, start a new training course, a sports course, start a new relationship or start a new job …

Now is the time to prepare for winter. Everything is green and blooming, the sun is high in the sky and the rain clouds are passing quickly …

Now is the time to prepare for a cold winter in the silence of calm and loneliness.

That may sound threatening to you, but all of nature’s cycles are shaped by this process.

There is not always only growth, but also decay and then a new beginning or a new beginning.

I wish you many quiet hours for the coming week so that you can think about where you will spend this winter and whether everything seems ready for it …

I want to encourage you to start new things NOW and let your eyes wander far into your future.

With love, Mara

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