SELF-LOVE: Say no to anything that wants to make you small

The biggest challenge, however, is to recognize what is going wrong and that you have to stand up for yourself and take a clear stance.

You do NOT have to stay in old patterns.

Tell yourself: Not only the others are to blame for my misery, but I myself have a certain share in it.

Because I let myself be dealt with in this way, I let others make me small and I let myself be unsettled.

That’s enough of that!

The choice is yours!

Get up and finally stand up for yourself.

Get up and say how you feel and what you think.

Get up and no longer accept those things that only want to keep you within senseless limits.

Get up and finally let beautiful things into your life again.

Get up and finally fight for yourself.

You will see, if it is you who says NO, to everything that hurts you in some way and wants to make you small, you will feel and experience an inner freedom.

Nobody can judge you anymore, so that it hurts you inside.

By saying NO to all grumblers, know-it-alls, important things and injuries to the soul, you can finally be YOURSELF.


You are no longer dependent on what others say about you.

You see yourself in a whole new light.

You are finally going YOUR way now.

You can finally be yourself. How liberating it is! And NOW, since an emptiness has entered your life, you will now choose for yourself and for the well-being of your soul.

You will choose people who are loving and who you will be part of.

You will choose a clear path, one that corresponds to your innermost soul and one that arises entirely from your heart.

You will no longer compare yourself to others because YOU are unique and wonderful.


And you are free NOW.


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